Who are Xcoders?

Outsource your Software Development and related work to a Scandinavian owned and managed outsourcing specialist in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Xcoders is a little different from your typical outsourcing provider. We specialize in building you a team of employees who like team work and are 100% dedicated to your business. We help you to create an environment, where your employees feel themselves as part of your company and identity. It's like having your own offshore office but without the administration headache.

Software Development (Dedicated Team)

For longer term outsourcing of your software development we recommend the Dedicated Team model, as we believe it is the more superior model. After your new employees have been hired, they are 100% yours and are only dedicated to your business. Read more...

Java & Oracle Development (Project Team)

For closed-scope software development projects or urgent projects we recommend to use our Project Team outsourcing model, using our existing software developers. For these types of projects we can immediately provide you with Java Technology & Oracle Specialists. Read more...

How much?

Is a question we often receive. Outsourcing to Russia shouldn't be done for saving money only. Russia is not the cheapest of the outsourcing countries. However it offers a range of benefits compared to a traditional outsourcing country like India. Xcoders offers a very transparent price model, where all the actual costs are shown to you (salaries, rent, food expenses etc.). You pay for exactly what you need and nothing extra. An example could be a package of 2 full time developers: One Junior Software Developer and a more experienced Software Developer. The monthly cost all included (salaries, taxes, rent, food expenses etc.) is typically around €4.000. Read more about prices

Why Xcoders & Russia?

Choosing an outsourcing partner you can trust is the single most important factor to the success of your project. Our low-risk approach coupled with Scandinavian ownership and onsite management plus experience, has given us a proven track record you can rely on. The most unique factor of choosing Russia as your outsourcing country is the skill level of the employees. Year after year Russian technical universities take the highest positions in international programming competitions. Worldwide, Russia has the third-largest pool of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists per capita. Saint Petersburg is often described as the most Western city of Russia. Both geographically but also in the cultural sense with a western mentality. It's a city of almost 4 mill. inhabitants. Saint Petersburg has direct flights to most of the capitals in Europe. Flying time is around 2 to 3 hours, which makes it possible for you to easily coach and follow your team closely.

What's the next step?

Send us an e-mail shortly describing your ideas, thoughts or needs, and we will contact you ASAP. You are of course also welcome to call us.