Software Quality Assurance (Project Team and Dedicated Team)
Making software reliable is an important factor in making your customers and end-users happy. Depending on the complexity of your software, and the level of automatic testing possible, we recommend hiring 1 Software Quality Engineer per 6 developers.

We offer both short and long term outsourcing of your Software Quality Assurance (SQA) functions.

Short term projects using a Project Team

For closed-scope software development projects or urgent projects we recommend to use our Project Team outsourcing model, that is, using our existing QA Engineers (Software Tester, Test Planner, Test Manager etc.). For these types of projects we can immediately provide you with QA Specialists. It's like having your own freelance employee.

You can choose between having your Project Team managed by Xcoders or yourself.

Please contact us describing your needs and we will send you an offer. 

Example of an employee you can get with short notice:

Quality Engineer A
Planning and executing of the main aspects of software testing including functional, regression and performance testing.
Experience in developing and writing effective test cases
Experience in developing and writing effective test plans and reports
Strong technical background with the ability to gather, analyze and organize technical information
Full Testing cycle from beginning to release: documentation, Test Plan, Test Cases, Reports, Usability Testing, Iteration/Regression Testing, Final release Testing
Automated Testing: JMeter,  Selenium 2.0
Experience in QA: >4 years - ISTQB certified
Written English: Intermediate - Spoken English: Intermediate 

Long term projects using a Dedicated Team

For long term projects we recommend the Dedicated Team model. In this model you can choose to have your own dedicated QA Engineer (part or full time), or you can choose a model where you share 2 QA Engineers with another company 50/50.

The most unique factor of choosing to outsource your QA is the reduced cost. We often see the  companies who, due to the local high costs, don't have a QA function, but rely on developers tests. However, there are several other benefits for your company. Many companies only have 1 QA Engineer. It makes it difficult to create an interesting professional environment for this employee. An important benefit of choosing to outsource your QA function, is that your dedicated QA Engineer becomes a part of the team of QA Engineers in Xcoders. They share knowledge and help each other to succeed with their tasks.

Xcoders takes care of all the administrative work for your employee(s).

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To get an agreement which matches your needs, please contact us.