IT Administration (Dedicated Team)
Outsourcing your IT administration and maintenance is like using electricity - you don't need or want to manage the power station - you just want to flick a switch on to get light. All IT infrastructure requires maintenance, and your employees require access and functionality in order to perform their daily tasks.

We offer longer term outsourcing of your IT Administration for which we recommend the Dedicated Team model. In this model you can choose to have your own dedicated IT Administrator (part or full time), or you can choose a model where you share 2 IT Adminstrators with another company 50/50.

The most unique factor of choosing to outsource your IT administration is the reduced cost. However, there are several other benefits for your company. Typically even middle sized companies only have one IT Administrator. It makes it difficult to create an interesting professional environment for this employee. An important benefit of choosing to outsource your IT Administration, is that your dedicated IT Administrator becomes a part of the team of IT administrators in Xcoders. They share knowledge and help each other to succeed with their tasks.

Xcoders takes care of all the administrative work for your employee(s).

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