Java & Oracle Development (Project Team)
For closed-scope software development projects or urgent projects we recommend to use our Project Team outsourcing model, that is, using our existing software developers. For these types of projects we can immediately provide you with Java Technology & Oracle Specialists. It's within these 2 technologies that our own developers have their core competencies.

You can choose between having your Project Team managed by Xcoders or yourself.

Project Team managed by you

If you choose to manage the team yourself, we will provide you with the needed resources. Before the project starts, you will get a list of available resources, along with their experience and the fixed monthly price. It's like having a freelance employee without the hassle of recruitment. You manage the team and provide them with tasks. 

Examples of employees you can get with short notice:

Software Developer A
Experience in Java Software Development: >4 years (in Xcoders: >3 years)
Technologies: Java J2EE (JSP/Servlets, Struts, JSTL, JDBC, EJB, Hibernate, SQL), Aspose, jQuery, XML, HTML. JavaScript, JUnit, JBoss, Tomcat, Tamino, Oracle 11g
Written English: Intermediate - Spoken English: Intermediate Good
Business understanding
Able to start immediately

Software Developer B
Experience in Java Software Development: >2 years (in Xcoders: <1 year)
Technologies: Java J2EE (JSP/Servlets, Hibernate, SQL), Aspose, HTML. JavaScript, JBoss, Oracle 11g
Written English: Pre-Intermediate - Spoken English: Elementary
Able to start immediately

Quality Engineer A
Experience in QA: >4 years (in Xcoders: >4 years) - ISTQB certified
Full Testing cycle from beginning to release: documentation, Test Plan, Test Cases, Reports, Usability Testing, Iteration/Regression Testing, Final release Testing
Automated Testing: JMeter,  Selenium 2.0
Written English: Intermediate - Spoken English: Intermediate 
Able to start immediately

Project Team managed by Xcoders

If you choose Xcoders to run your project we will take care of everything. We gather up the necessary team of developers, together with an experienced project management & QA. For Scandinavian clients we also provide local Scandinavian speaking project management.

We have experience in running projects using the traditional water fall model or the newer SCRUM development method. Our project managers take SCRUM courses and certifications, and our software developers constantly increase their number of Java and Oracle certifications.

When working with closed-scope projects, we can agree on a fixed price, with the contractual guarantee that the project will be completed successfully. Another way of contracting is by considering monthly or hourly rates. The rate differs, depending on the tasks to be accomplished, as well as the required skills and scale of the project.

Once the project is completed, and there's a need for an extra help, we can offer prices on an additional project basis or as a bulk of hours that we can determine in advance.

To get an agreement which matches your needs, please contact us.